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The medieval village

Entering the old town through the arched gateway at the foot of the village, you climb the hill to discover the upper town (Limeuil Haut) - with its church, its château and its fortifications. At the riverside, in the 'Place du Port', experience the hustle and bustle of village life, and evidence of Limeuil's trading heritage.

Many periods of history have left their mark on Limeuil, but the legacy of the Middle Ages is particularly evident in the three fortified gateways to the town - the gateway at the Port, and the Récluzou and Marquisat gateways at the top of the village. Discover the carved escutcheons, the old artisans workshops, the steep and narrow lanes.....

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Narrow gaps between houses enabled the disposal of waste water from latrines, sinks and rainwater, and equally acted as fire-breaks. Craftsmen's workshops were at the heart of many medieval villages and the artisans peddled their wares at the tops of their voices - you will walk by a weaver's, baker's, a forge, and others. But the shops of the past were not like those we know today - they had stalls on the street to display their goods, all the shops were open to the road and the living quarters were often located above the shop.

Stopping point on the heritage trail

Come and experience Limeuil by following its heritage trail which will lead you on a journey of discovery through the lanes of this intriguing village.

Gateway to the old town

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